Graphene – material of the future?

Graphene is a layer of graphite one atom thick, a modification of carbon. It would be too difficult to go into the peculiarities of the chemical structure.

It’s the features of graphene that matter:

  • it’s the lightest material in the world.
  • 200 times stronger than steel
  • one of the strongest conductors of heat and electricity

Where can graphene make a revolutionary difference?

  • graphene membranes could be used to remove hydrogen gas from the atmosphere. That is why there are now active developments in the jet fuel segment.
  • graphene membranes could desalinate salt water. At the same time their structure will not allow the salt to pass through. This could solve the future world water crisis.
  • neutralization of corrosion. Graphene-based paint will create a layer that is practically impervious. The global cost of corrosion would be about $2.5 trillion a year.

Why hasn’t it been introduced yet?

Production costs don’t yet allow for it. 1 gram of graphene requires a $100 investment. There are also problems in production in the form of chemical exchange products.

The material is not as popular today, so the market value is about 300 million. In 5 years, however, the market will be about $2.8 billion.

IBM has departments to develop graphene, Ford has small divisions. There is even a company in Russia – OCSiAl, which is a manufacturer of graphene nanotubes, planned to go public next year.

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