Roblox, or how to make money from gaming addiction

Roblox platform appeared in 2004 and since that time it has become incredibly popular: according to the latest data, it has attracted more than 200 million people worldwide. For example, more than half of teenagers in the U.S. use this service.

Service gives access to thousands of custom games and also allows you to create your own projects with free tools and get income from them. Roblox can be considered a mixture of a game and a social network.

First of all, Roblox earns from aggressive content monetization. It is largely patronized by “game developers” who have listened to sweet speeches from service marketers about fabulous riches, but who, in fact, make the most of monetization.

As a result, sooner or later the user will have to buy something, be it passes for games, costumes, images or other items. The potential of Roblox in the growing trend of meta universes deserves separate attention.

The leading company in the game industry definitely won’t miss out on this trend: why not invest?

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