PayPal: mid-term outlook

In picking popular stocks, it’s impossible to get past PayPal. The stock has corrected 38% from its all-time high, so it’s worth identifying strong buying zones and making a prediction about the dynamics of the stock in the coming months.

The price reversal is probably imminent: prices have arrived at a strong Fibonacci level and are near the 1000-day EMA, which was the “March bottom” for the stock in 2020. If a business as strong as PayPal goes under, who will stay afloat?

PayPal possible market scenario

So I don’t see any argument against the purchase. Globally, the strongest buying zone is the $120-140 per share range; if prices get there, a long-term investor will just happily buy out the drawdown.

If you’re a speculator, you should put a stop limit at $158.82 and re-enter the trade in the aforementioned range. Medium-term speculative profit taking targets are indicated on the chart.

In a bull market in the next 1-1.5 years investing in PayPal can bring 150% profit when the company’s securities reach the $400 mark! Not bad, is it?

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