Oracle: The Most Underrated Big Tech?

REDWOOD CITY, CA � MARCH 18: The Oracle World Headquarters located in Redwood City, California on March 18, 2014. Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation.

Oracle is an American technology company that provides software for large corporations.

One of Oracle’s technological achievements was the creation of the Java programming language, which has become the world’s No. 1 software development platform. The second pillar product is the cloud business and a large suite of cloud-based enterprise software.

It will be a revelation to many that today the cloud business and licensing generate almost 85% of Oracle’s revenue. And while Oracle’s cloud is not able to overtake the giants in this area (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS), its market share is growing at an average of 20-30% annually.

Unlike unprofitable tech startups, Oracle has maintained one of the highest operating margins in the cloud and software industry for decades at 39%.

It is also worth noting that Oracle has one of the most aggressive buyback programs, with a 10 percent dividend-adjusted growth rate.

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