Web 3.0 or complete independence on the web?

What do you know about handshake domains or HNS? Using a decentralized system with blockchain technology to offer users limitless possibilities and complete independence on the Internet.

What are the advantages of this technology:

  1. Freedom on the Internet: HS minimizes the role of centralized authorities, which means more freedom of expression on the Internet.
  2. Protected from seizure: A blockchain-based system means that the domain license for HS cannot expire, be removed, or be confiscated by the government and other authorities.
  3. Unique Web addresses: The technology offers a number of distinctive domains. Ordinary domains of the .org .eu .com type are under control. It will become possible to use a domain such as info.sattalk or writewhatyou.want.

At this moment it’s not possible to get to such a site, because browsers are not configured to work with HNS. At this point everything works on the principle of the TOR browser, but there are already enough solutions for the current moment: NextDNS, VPN, HSD/HDNS, Fingertip, open and accessible source code. That is, in fact, you can raise your DNS right now and if you connect, you will have access to these hidden domains.

If this system will be a success, and not just another sale of tokens, the official browsers will add support for this direction and thus access will be available to everyone by default.

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