Solana faces planned DDoS attacks

Solana Foundation has not yet responded to the problem, but there are comments from Cyber Capital CEO Justin Bones:

Attackers are taking advantage of a block creation feature in Solana that allows them to predict which validators will be involved in block creation in the near term. Instead of attacking the entire network, attackers attack only the validators they need, significantly reducing the cost of the operation. Although the network does not stop completely, the Solana architecture has a very bottleneck for stable operation. The vulnerability also allows for a significant increase in the chance of a 51% attack.

This is not some new problem, but a consequence of the Proof of History algorithm used in Solana. Because of such vulnerabilities, this version of the consensus is not used to create decentralized networks.

“The priority is to attract investors rather than sustainable blockchain design,” Bones concluded.

Nevertheless, we should add on the debate over whose network is better:

  • No single blockchain, network, service, or app will withstand a high user load. There must be alternatives in the marketplace.
  • If you believe in a multi-network future, there is no general direction in the market, there are different goals and different solutions.
  • There is no evidence to support the viability of any development in the long term. No one knows the future.
  • Decentralization is still a controversial experiment, as is its absence. It needs the test of time.
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