How to invent own strategy? And is it necessary?

Any trader or investor in any case relies already on ready-made tools and ideas to form his strategy, or simply follows the one that suits him best.

Where to find a ready-made trading strategy?

Mizar is a trading platform where traders can invest in strategies or access different trading tools without a subscription. Mizar’s goal: to make trading more intuitive, accessible and more inclusive so that everyone, regardless of capital or knowledge, can automate their trades, create and share their winning strategies.

The project has several core products:

  • Marketplace: a platform where you can invest in ready-made strategies developed by traders in a few clicks.
  • BotLabs: tools to develop bots based on predefined trading strategies to automate your trades. No programming knowledge is required.
  • TradingLabs: you can manage all of your accounts from one place. For example, you can connect to Binance and make trades.
  • Analytics: advanced analytics tools, in-depth reviews of balance, CEX and online transactions, market sentiment, news and more.

Mizar will also soon launch DMizar, decentralized trading tools that support multiple blockchains. DMizar will have all the same tools: bots, strategies, account management, analytics, etc. And all this without subscriptions.

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