How do NFT games work? And how do they make money?

We’ve already told you about the NFT game Axie Infinity several times, but we’ve described the game itself rather superficially. Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game.

But how do people earn on it?

The project has 3 cryptocurrencies at once, not just one as many people think:

1) Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) - the main token of the Axie Infinity game, which is needed for the gameplay itself and the decentralized management of the project. For example, users can steak AXS and influence the future of the game through votes.
2) Smooth Love Potion (SLP) - these are in-game tokens that can be earned in the game itself for various tasks, challenges and the like.
3) Axi (NFT) are in-game characters that are also unique NFT tokens. You need SLP tokens to grow them.

Around these tokens is built the entire economy of the project.

The main ways of earning:

  • Growing Axi (NFT) and selling them on the in-game market
  • Collecting rare Axi
  • Farming SLP tokens
  • Battles in the PVP arena that can be rewarded
  • Prizes for getting into the leaderboard

Other NFT games of the “play and earn money” format follow a similar scheme.

The main problem of such projects: they keep players not because of the gameplay, but because of the possibility to earn money. That is they do not fulfill the main function of the game – to entertain the player.

But it’s too early to make final conclusions, because large game publishers have only recently started to get interested in play-to-earn and developing games with NFT elements. Current games are more suitable for enthusiasts and advanced blockchain users.

P.S.: Play-to-earn is not a new mechanic. People have been making real money in computer games for decades. It’s just that now NFT, blockchain, and a fancy name have been attached to it.

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