ETH 1.0: Etherium will allow apps to pay user fees

Tests of sponsored transactions on the ether network have begun. Published in late September 2021, Buterin’s proposal finally resonated with developers. What is known at this point:

  • Apps would be allowed to pay fees for their customers;
  • Customers will be allowed to pay fees in ERC20 tokens.

In terms of user experience, this may prove to be the best innovation of the Etherium network in recent times. Despite all the drawbacks, there is still room for some really useful initiatives.

What it looks like in practice:

  • You want to transfer USDT, but you don’t have ETH. You will be able to pay directly in USDT;
  • You use a service, game or app and want to pay for a paid subscription, buy a service or something else. The service, game, or app itself may pay the network fee for you.

Tests have begun on Goerli’s working network. The idea is based on the new smart contract standard ERC-4337, which extends the functionality of the existing infrastructure.

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