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Staff member
Mar 6, 2006

A month today, the greatest show on earth will get underway as Africa plays host to the FIFA World Cup™ for the first time.

Memorable moments, peerless players and iconic goals are a given but, as always, the colour of the tournament will be provided as much by the supporters off the field as by events on it. Typically, these dedicated and passionate supporters from across the continent and throughout the world are going to great, often extraordinary, lengths to make their way to the beautiful game’s biggest tournament.

Journeys are being arranged, sacrifices made and dreams pursued as hundreds of thousands of devotees seize the chance to be part of this unique event.
what are your plans for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa?

For those of you who are travelling to the tournament, we would like you to share with the world the lengths you are going to in order to take your place at this historic event, outline what you are looking forward to most and explain just why you had to be there.

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New member
Apr 10, 2010
Plan on watching all the televised games. i predict argentina to win it all. Peace and enjoy !!!