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Tutorial - Incorrect or damaged skin in E2 receiver (return to the default skin)

Jul 26, 2007
Incorrect or damaged skin in E2 receiver (return to the default skin)

What happened to you that you have loaded the wrong skin, or delete any part of the skin and the Enigma does not start.
Follow the instruction includes:

First Please log in through WinSCP or FilleZilla Client to a receiver in the path:

/ etc/enigma2/setting /

Second You trajectory last skin that causes a problem with starting Enigma (example):

config.skin.primary_skin = DMConcinnity-HD/skin.xml

3rd Line on the red delete the default line is added:

= skin_default

4th Upon completion of the exchange line looks like this:

config.skin.primary_skin = skin_default / skin.xml

5th Record this path and close the FTP file manager for the regulation of the skin.

6th Receiver shut down from power and restart.

By raising the image of Enigma starts with basic skins.

For "advanced" users can use the following way to change the default skin:

First Logged in the receiver with WinSCP or FilleZilla Client on the path:

/ usr/share/enigma2 /

Second Find a skin that causes the crash or problem with raising Enigma.

3rd Manually delete the skin that a real problem or not raising Enigma.

4th Restart the receiver from power.

After turning on the receiver in the new voltage and raising Enigma receiver will again start with the default skins.

Tested on DreamBox 800HD SE and VU + Solo receiver.