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Sep 15, 2008
SkyGrabber v2.9.3

* Added settings for provider Tricolor (36E)
* Updated MediaEngine
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Jan 7, 2008
SkyGrabber v3.0.1 released

Fixed provider addition to provider's list
All parameters of the provider are activated for all types of tuners

SkyGrabber is offline satellite internet downloader. It accepts free to air (FTA) satellite data (movie, music, pictures) by digital satellite TV tuner card (DVB-S/DVB-S2) and saves information onto a hard disk. So, you'll get new movie,
best music and funny pictures for free.

You don't have to keep an online internet connection. Just customize your digital satellite TV tuner card (DVB-S/DVB-S2) to satellite provider and start accepting free to air data. SkyGrabber has simple and attractive GUI, powerful filter system and flexible settings. If you want to have the newest legal software for free, SkyGrabber is your choice.
Video tutorial: How to work SkyGrabber

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How it all works?

There are different types of internet connection, such as Dial-Up, ADSL, Leased Line, etc. Satellite internet is a kind of internet connection and is used mainly in remote areas or in areas where internet access is problematic because of its lack, or slow speed of the high cost of local internet connections.

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Connecting to the internet through various geostationary satellites, which are located at an altitude of 35,786 km above the equator and turn around the planet with angular rate equal to the angular velocity of rotation of the Earth around the axis, so every geostationary satellite is in heaven, and one point will not move.
So each satellite is to a certain point of the sky, but everywhere there can be a signal from him? The signal from the satellite was adopted only in the territory, which covers its transmitter. This is called the area a zone coverage. There may be several satellite transmitters.

So you can imagine what territory can extend the signal, look at the pattern of coverage of one of the satellites. White lines here shows the area where the signal can take. Near the white lines shows the level of the signal. The signal is expressed in dBW. The higher the value dBW the smaller diameter antenna required for the normal receiving of a signal. For example, the signal 48 dBW excellent receiving antenna diameter of 60 centimeters.
Now that you better acquainted with the basics, let's consider the technical details of organizing satellite Internet. There are 2 variants of the Internet:

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2 way satellite internet

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In a symmetric satellite internet all internet traffic, as the incoming and outgoing transmits through the satellite.
1 way satellite internet

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In asymmetric satellite internet queries are transmitted by ground connections, and the responses to requests come from the satellite.
How does SkyGrabber work?

As we have already been identified, responses to the requests come from the satellite. The satellite transmits data in one stream. The data are accepted by all who are in the satellite coverage area. In fact, you can set up your digital satellite TV tuner card on this satellite and we'll receive free to air data.
But you say, well, well, we get the data, but how do we get the files? The SkyGrabber can do it. The program accepts free to air data by digital satellite TV tuner card (DVB-S/DVB-S2), assemble in files and saves files in your hard drive. The SkyGrabber makes your life more exciting and interesting.
SkyGrabber features:

Filtering information by the types of files ( mp3, avi, mpg and etc. )
Filtering information by IP, MAC addresses
Simultaneous work on the internet and handling satellite data
The monitoring system resources
Showing progress downloads
Handling TCP, GPE, IP, MPE packages
Handling HTTP responses (200, 206)
Support dreamboxes

Supported digital satellite TV tuner cards:

The SkyGrabber uses own media engine that supports the following manufacturers of digital satellite TV tuner cards:

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