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Sharp Aquos LC-32GP1U and LC-37GP1U 37 Inch HDTV LCD TV Operation Manual Guide

New member
Jul 3, 2007

Keep your AQUOS television in a well ventilated area and make sure not to place it by a heat source or use near water. The AQUOS television is designed for AC use only and should be used with supplied AC cord.

To enjoy a clearer picture, use an outdoor antenna. The following is a brief explanation of the types of connections that are used for a coaxial cable. If your outdoor antenna uses a 75-ohm coaxial cable with an F-type connector, plug it into the antenna terminal at the rear of the TV set.

You can connect many types of external equipment to your TV like a game console, Blu-ray disc player, HD-DVD player, DVD player, VCR, Digital TV tuner, HDMI equipment or camcorder. To view external source images, select the input source from INPUT on the remote control unit or on the TV.

You can use the INPUT 1, INPUT 2, INPUT 3 or INPUT 7 terminals when connecting to a Blu-ray disc player, HD-DVD player, DVD player, a Digital TV STB (Air or Cable) and other audiovisual equipment.