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Sep 15, 2008
Satellite Receivers Manta HD8000 / HD9000 2X2CI

2012-02-07 2:19:57 p.m. / Anita Dabek
Last update: 2012-02-08 2:23:10
Source: SAT Kurier 2/2012
Manta Multimedia introduces the Polish market two models of HD digital satellite receivers. They are marked as 2X2CI HD8000 and HD9000 2X2CI . Their operation is identical, but slightly different appearance and equipment. Model with lower numbers have a traditional LED display instead of VFD present in the HD9000 does not have a SCART socket, and one of the two card readers located at the rear (the HD9000 both are on the front under the flap).

Both models are the production of Korean and rely on high-end processor, Zoran Supra XD180 and software prepared based on Zoran's operating system. At the same time maintained a reasonable price, which in January 2012 stood at about 500 zł for model HD8000 and HD9000 600 zł. The description will focus on the model HD9000, but according to this, as discussed above - HD8000 is not different in terms of work and service. APPEARANCE AND EQUIPMENT Manta 2X2CI HD9000 is supplied with a remote control with two AAA batteries, instructions Polish manual and cables: HDMI and component. Sam receiver and remote control are black. HD9000 has front panel from left to right: green VFD display, capable of displaying the name of watching channel (HD8000 - only four-LED), and five keys allow you to control (changing channels, adjusting volume, standby). Occupies the lower part of the flap, behind which were hidden two slots Common Interface, two universal port card readers and USB . The rear panel from left are: a RS-232 port, optical digital audio S / PDIF, additional port USB and eSATA, HDMI, two SCART sockets, 6 x RCA (Component + Audio and Video L / R), the antenna input loop-through port, Ethernet port and the end of a mechanical switch. HD8000 front panel has left four-LED and LED display operation status and the presence of the card in the reader, the five keys (changing channels, adjusting volume, standby), and on the right is flap, under which are: one card reader, two slots Common Interface port and USB . HD8000 on the rear panel are: a antenna input with looped, 6 x RCA (Component, Video + Audio L / R), another port USB and eSATA connector, HDMI output, RS-232 port, optical digital audio pin S / PDIF, LAN additional card reader (so unusual - the back - good for card splitter, you can hide) and mechanical power switch. In comparison to the HD9000 no SCART sockets, changed the display, and one of the readers went on the rear panel. HD8000 is also smaller and most of all - cheaper. From the software and use - no different from the HD9000. INSTALLATION Manta HD9000 receiver 2X2CI greets the user simple installation wizard. We show ...