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New member
Sep 15, 2008

for Octagon SF 818 CA USB PVR Ready Brilliance :

Changes :

- Infobar FULL Display fix. (1x Info Button)
- NEW PVR Function add. :
--> During Recording channels from same TP in OK CH.List in same colour to accent
- Ch. switching during Recording :
--> Go to the channel which you want to watch
--> Press REC Button, select channel from TP list
--> OK Button - CH.List --> Ch. switching from channels in same Transponder
- Lond File name Download/Update bug via USB fix.
--> Also Download/Update from Subfolder possible
--> .kdb, .key and other fiel formats with long file name
- EPG 7 Day Mode - Week-Line improved for German and Turkish OSD Language
- USB Menu : INFO Button - Create UDB --> POPUP Window bug fix.
- When you download through USB, was problem downloading problem. It's solved
- Signal bug by Ch.switch fix.
- DiseqC protocoll improved
- Teletext improvements :
--> Monitoring bug fix. for div. Languages
--> Page Save Function improved
--> Div. Language packages update
- EPG improvements for div. Language packages
- Subtitle improvements for div. Language packages
- MCAS SmartCard Reader driver update
- AU update still works