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Super Moderator
Jul 11, 2008

Nabilosat darkstar2 with cccam 2.2.1 skin Rihana Net

New bootlogo Hd

Cccam 2.2.1 integrate with cccaminfo and ecm info hacksatkeys nagrab signal Quality .teletext

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Jul 11, 2008
Re: Nabilosat darkstar2 Images

Nabilosat Darksatar 2 reparation web x tv

After modifying the brother and brother Marwan Raed in the image Algimni came round in the image
nabilosat darkstar 2 and solve the problem seen through the browser xeb-x-tv

Amendment today

Darkstar II with a knife and another Rihanna Emo CCcam 2.2.1

Of the amendments made to the image

* change the image off in magnificence Hd
* change the original knife knife Rihanna net Dandy
* Added French language along with English with the possibility of downloading any language
* zoom fonts
* possibility of changing the display channels by pressing the Ok button and then Help
* add the latest file frequencies on 6 / 01 / 2010
* add the latest file to run Sowickam Bis Tv Channels
* Translation works automatically on channels Osn
* Merge Emu Cccam 2.2.1 has been activated to run automatically
* Merge 6 Bloginat away from the area Var
- Merge Blogin CCcamInfo to track the status of server
- Merge Blogin EcmInfo to follow up the case of a server and Hops
- Merge Blogin Hacksat Key to update the codes directly from the net
- Merge Blogin Nagrab to register from Dreambox to PC
- Merge Blogin Signal Qality to see the signal strength
- Merge Blogin Tele **** problem has been resolved not to do in the rest of the image

All amendments to this topic was away from the area Var
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Super Moderator
Jul 11, 2008
Re: Nabilosat darkstar2 Images

Nabilo V08 Maxvar mbox sbox mgcamd y cron OK

More than enough memory, very good for the clones of the 500s.
Mbox April 0022
Sbox 8-1
mgcamd 1.31
And cron for only the sbox renicio at 5 in the morning.
Everything working properly.

I advise you just change the channel list with dreamset

Sobrada de memoria,muy buena para los clones de las 500s.
Idioma Español
Mbox 04 0022
Sbox 8-1
mgcamd 1.31
Y cron para renicio solo del sbox a las 5 de la mañana.
Todo funcionando correctamente.

Solo os aconsejo cambiar la lista de canales con el dreamset
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View attachment 64681 View attachment 64682

View attachment 64683 View attachment 64684

Super Moderator
Jul 11, 2008
Release Masterpiece: Nabilosat Darkstar ll Skin Original CCcam2.2.1 Fixed web-x-tv

Peace and mercy of God be upon you

Issuance of a summit today of speed and elegance of the amendment is the most speed in the
Alcherng Nabilosat additions top the excitement and repair problem seen
Cross-browser and the integration of Blogin Dirtic to translate films leave you with the rest of
Amendments and peace and mercy of God

* Change the image off in HD
* Ahtfad knife and an amendment to the original transparency Climate Summit Alpha
* Added French language along with English and the possibility of downloading any language
* Enlarge fonts , raising the knife beautiful
* Add the latest file frequencies of Hispasat to Arabsat 30.5
* Possibility of changing the display channels by pressing the button Ok and Help
* Fixed web-x-tv channels to watch the Dreambox via the browser
* Merge Emu CCcam 2.2.1 has been activated to run automatically when you load the image
* Merge Blogin CCCamInfo to track the status of server
* Merge Blogin EcmInfo to follow up the case of a server and Hops
* Merge Blogin Hacksat Keys to update the codes of the net
* Merge Blogin Signal Quality to see the signal strength
* Merge Blogin Teletext works great
* Merge Blogin Drtic to translate the movie enough to download a file the translation of the net
And send it to the path var / tuxbox / drtic / tit and operation of the IMO Dreambox

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Super Moderator
Jul 11, 2008
Nabilosat Darkstar


* Merge Emo CCcam2.2.1 works directly

After igniting device

* Add Blogin CCcam info to follow up

Server status Asickam

* Send subscription file for the path var / etc

And will work with you all the channels quickly


* Maintain the original beautiful knife

Add Blogin Hacksat Keys to update the codes of


Add Signal Quality to see the signal strength

Add language

French side


* Delete some unnecessary files

To maintain the stability of the image.

* Additions were never without prejudice to the region

var but has become the largest area of the image


* Photo Flash bearing ore and Iserd or

Better Dreambox August

Here Albloginat compact

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View attachment 66273 View attachment 66274

Super Moderator
Jul 11, 2008
Nabilo Darkstar2 DM500s CCcam221 BM series 23052011 By meteor

** Take your reserve before installation.!
** New bootlogo used.
** Radio and scan logos changed.
** This image is used on the skins:
BM_BG, BM_G1, BM_S1, BM_S1a, BM_S2, BM_S2a

Thanks By the MX

** Added to the analog clock.
** Turkish, English and Italian languages ​​are available ...
** Turkish, Turkce, Italian Languages
(Other languages ​​can be downloaded from the addons)
** Web-x-tv fixed.
** Integrated with CCcam 2.2.1.
** CCcam info is integrated.
** Ecminfo integrated.
** Satfinder integrated.
** Werbezapper integrated.
(Werbezapper'i between 1 and 9 min by the setting, you have seen on the channel
automatically return to the ...)
** Hacksat biss key downloader
Teletext ** is available.
** Guncel many satellites were used satellite xml.
Channels ** done side by side with the help button.
** Occupancy rate of 26% is seamless
Load ** ONLY DREAM UP ..!!!

View attachment 69142

View attachment 69143
View attachment 69144
View attachment 69145
View attachment 69147
View attachment 69148
View attachment 69149
View attachment 69150
View attachment 69151

Super Moderator
Jul 11, 2008
Darkstar II Imo another island and surfer Thumbs solely 18/07/2011

Peace and mercy of God

change today

Only forum Darkstar II, another knife Rihanna Emo CCcam 2.2.1

Changes made to the image

* Change the picture in the glow of the artist Laila Alawi

* Change in net original sleek knife Rihanna
* Add French to English, with language downloads
* Enlarge the font
* Ability to change channel display, press OK, and then click Help
* Add the latest file-frequency 18/7/2011
* Add the latest file to work Sowickam Bis TV channels
* Translation works automatically on channels OSN
* Merge Emus CCcam 2.2.1 has been included to automatically run
* Merge from 6 Pluzinat Var area
- CCcamInfo Blogin continue the integration server
- EcmInfo Blogin Integration Server and the continuation of the Hops
- Integration Blogin Hacksat Key code for the update directly from the kindly
- Integration Blogin Nagrab recording from Dreambox to PC
- Integration of the signal qality Plugin to see the signal
- Integration of the problem was solved Blogin Teletext does not work in other pictures

All these changes were far from the Var region

Free Espace En Var 74%
Sudden and large

View attachment 69817View attachment 69818
View attachment 69819View attachment 69820
View attachment 69821View attachment 69822

Super Moderator
Apr 13, 2008

Image for: Dm500s/IboX500s

Mbox Version: 023.4.r (MboxG)
NewCS Version: 1.67_RC1

Utilities added: Borraoffs, Per_resolver and the Pal BorraFakes cthulhufhtagn, pinguino_rh waitpid0000 of Pal, and some other added stats script

Plugins added: Ptest (peer-screen info) Mbox Center (Mbox statistics in real time) Ngrab (to record the programming they are viewing)

There have been many changes over previous versions so that we will not remember all these changes, in this case have been further amended many internal things in the picture but due to time (and win lol) I will not to put them now,

     . Mbox + NewCS. Newcs _____Mbox + card reader. (Recommended)
     . Mbox. Watch & Share _____ just for Mbox
     . NewCS. Watch the card only for NewCS
Thx lonas
Super Moderator
Jul 11, 2008
Nabilo v8 Mod lonas v4 mbox 023.4.r - Sbox

View attachment 70784

As I have already requested some compys to the issue of the card and update here I bring the same image but with mod canvas v4 sbox card set to put ash veneer down,
Remember that you must add sbox's serial sbox.conf card on file in HEX.

Flaswizard loaded without problems but I am recommending that you have DreamUp the forum to load these images.

New Bootlogo boot.
Only 18% occupied at / var (recieninstalada, then with some other plugin I am at 30%).
New Default Skin modified for Mbox04 Rihana_NET (includes d1 and d2 on the screen).
Optimization of the image completely, eliminating all that is in use.
Emus installed Mbox04 (023.4.r) and sbox (ready to put the card under the plate and rular pa).
Installed scripts: Borrafakes of the compilation Borraoffs cthulhufhtagn + plugin.
Added in / var / keys / ident.info and ignore.list updated date.
The Emus ... were installed in the / (root)
Routes of Emus changed and now are / bin / mbox and / bin / sbox (mbox eye to configure the control center and remember this).
Line C cwshare preconfigured with your Dlin just to add to this (do not substitute your own, just add your Dlin and delete the ones you are, remember to leave the C line to read the card and add your provider)
to operate the standby remember stamdby.sh scrpt modify and replace where it says your password dreambox for your dream or not work if you changed the password if nothing changes nothing changes.
The image is optimized for virtual or local Mbox, you only have to put his list of channels and enjoy it.
Mbox Center Plugin to view stats, color, card, etc ... (Click yellow button to access this)
The default is only Mbox so you'll have to go to the blue button and select the command mbox + sbox for you to read your card
The image is pre-configured to read a card from the earth Ash if you want to read another changes the providers for yours on the line C and it also adds 50000.list coresponda the keys in the folder edit the lines by the corresponding G your providers.
This image is a respected around the web interface which is not to remove anything from 100 per 100 Nabil.
restarted one at 4:20 and 4:45 in the morning alone in standby sets (remember to put your password to the script) if you want to change this by accessing the nabcron.dat in / var / etc / and edit it or from the remote and blue button blue button again.
Fixed a few bugs that had previous versions of Nabil v8 this is much more stable than the v3 and has even so much nonsense.
startscript.sh script is added to loq ue boot every time you boot or start Reboot the dream that you metais loq ue to within the same script, it currently only has introduced borrafakes borraoff and which by a sleep of 3600 seconds (one hour) begin to function in this way we keep the dream start to crash any more because they do not start at the same peace that emus, we have given a time range between the start of the emus and the script not to get hung and let the mbox make your function hello and little things.

This image does not bring any more only the script and borrafakes borraoff of time so that I have seen no problems share.onl is happening a lot lately,

Remember to update the ident.info and ignore.list by that of the thread specific to this forum,
do not know if I forget something else but if I remember I'll put it on the fly ....

remember that the settings for the Mbox Control Center now is this:

Nombre de archivo: mbox
 direccion ip: la tuya jeje
 Ruta Mbox: /bin
 Ruta Keys: /var/keys
 Ruta Temp: /tmp
 Ruta Mbox cfg: /var/keys/mbox.cfg
sbox.conf Txt
Super Moderator
Apr 13, 2008
Nabilosat-Darkstar2_Skin_violet_CCcam 2.2.1_Mod KAMINER

Modified the image Nabilo-Darkstar2 for Dreambox DM 500 s on 10/24/11

Rapid and fixed with a knife in Alcherng E-Violet wonderful

Emo and CCcam 2.2.1 and Blogin Tuxcom

And also Ecm-info and Alltkst

Languages ​​English and French, the Arab unfortunately

You can also download what you want from the server's

For the owners of subscriptions Alcescam enough to send a file to track participation CCcam.cfg var / etc ...

Here are some of the saccharin-shot:

Hope you like it

Please accept my greetings ...