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Nabilosat Darkstar II Exclusive CCcam 2.1.2 Mod Borsalino 21.09.09

New member
May 14, 2009
NEW modefecation With new additions image of Nabilosat Darkstar II DM500 Exclusive CCcam 2.1.2 Mod Borsalino 21.09.2009
the new: emu Cccam_2.1.2 inside and the integration of the image and big var and new skins

New in this image

(Emu: CCcam 2.1.2 inside (start with image..and Work automatically )
-please send Cccam.cfg in var/etc withe ftp
-add Cccaminfo_v1.1 new (Yellow Button)
-add ECM info
-add nagrab recording in image
-teltext ok
-new bootlogo hd
-Changed the original skins withe the new skin Exclusive_Violet thanx to Jhosua15 & matrix
-delet old skins
-Now you can change the form of a channel presntation withe button help
-add fransh and english Language in demarge
-all longage ok
-add option DVR withe help botton
-big var naw 75% Free espace
-font size add
-Fast image to open channels with Cccam2.1.2
-send this image withe dreamup or flashwizard ok
screenshote of image