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May 30, 2008
Nabilosat CCcam autoswitch plugin

This plugin is useful for all the ppl using CCcam emu that can switch instantly to a different configuration.
When you launch the plugin for the first time it create six alternate CCcam config files:
At the beginning these files are all the copy of your original CCcam.cfg default.
You can leave unchanged the file CCcam_0.cfg as your original config file.
You can edit manually the other files to have alternative configurations.
As for example you can include or exclude servers and clients in your alternative config. You can also change the CCcam settings like enable/disable EMM or smartcard updating or others in the different config files.
When you will have personalized the config files you can use the plugin.
With this plugin you can:

Show the current active config file
Show the details of each config file
Show all the entire configurated settings (only the uncommented lines)
Show all the configurated Server
Show all the configurated Clients
Change the active config file.

When you change the active CCcam config file with the plugin the changes will be immediatly active and you don't need to restart the CCcam.
Plugin works on most recent released image.
Here a file for automatic install for Nabilo image and a zip file to adapt to your favourite image
Or download on line in yellow panel

Have Fun Nabilosat Team