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Nabilo Darkstar 2 CCcam 2.1.4 Rihanna Digi Turkish Original Mod by toddler 11.03.2010

Cool VIP
Jan 3, 2009
- This image non time bomb
- CCcam 2.1.4, CCcam Info, Ecminfo, and Teletext Ngrab image is integrated.
- Image is in Turkish and English. (Other languages can be downloaded addons Server.)
- Update satellites.xml file with 4 satellites are used. (Turksat, Hotbird, Eutelsat and Astra)
- Channel list, list view at the help button to change the channel.
- 75% of the memory is blank.

Channel switching is very fast. Suggest you to try.

Before you install Cccam.cfg, channel list, etc.. do not forget to take backups of your files.

New member
Apr 11, 2010
I have installed this image but now my receiver boot cycles all time and does not get to menu etc.

Can I fix this.
New member
Apr 16, 2010
I installed this image and unfortunately it doesn't have Astra 28E for sky UK and I could not add a new satellite. When started to flash it with a new image the dreamup did not work buy displaying "upload completem waiting for acknowledgement". So I had to return the box.
Please help with image with Sky UK settings.
Many thanks