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New member
Jan 17, 2010
Hi, from greece.
I've notice that 600pvr has 1/2 sound from his scart. I mean that when i choose the ext1 input source to my tv (samsung) i have to increase the volume to have the same level as i have with the build in tuner to other channels. With the DM100 had no issue at all. Same volume both on ext1 or tv tuner.
What might be the problem. I tried many images for other reasons (as gemini, pli) and i didn't fix it.

The other issue is that some days (when i wake up) i found the 600pvr frozen and i have to restart it to wake up his linux also.
Do i have to change the PSU, cause i don't thing that is a temperature problem. Although i have a hard disk on it the temp is good.