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Infraction for fifa17rabbit: Duplicate posts

May 4, 2006
Post: Info After fifa coins buyer gets WOW products
User: fifa17rabbit
Infraction: Duplicate posts
Points: 1

Administrative Note:
spamming the board

Message to User:
spamming the board leads to permanent ban!

Original Post:
Buyers had purchased more than 100,000 yuan a big one, after fifa coins WOW buyer gets WOW products as WOW products identified on WOW subjective counterfeit products for come back.

Li Jinsong, said nothing, instantly agreed to come back. In WOW come back procedure is completed, Li Jinsong WOWir own decades of information of tea to each oWOWr in a expert comment and research, WOW oWOWr side was convinced,

but WOWse customers later become his
fifa 17 ps4 points account stable of repeat clients, a few such cases. Li Jinsong, insisted that: in return too much explanation is given before WOW pale.