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Hadu - CCCam DVB plugin - version Beta 0.127

Super Moderator
Apr 13, 2008
Hadu - CCCam DVB plugin - version Beta 0.127

-(partial) support for DreCrypt EMMs,
-EMM PIDs associated to ECM PIDs (based upon the CAID and provider criteria) are now all displayed into the concerned column ("Monitor" window),
-an option has been added to display all the other EMM PIDs (i.e. EMM PIDS not associated to ECM PIDs; see "DispAllEMMs" option);
-"EMMCAID" option has been extended, in order to include an optional EMM PID (see "EMMCAID" option),
-bug fix for the non correct display of indexed nodes (when the list of the nodes is sorted by user),
-Hadu is considered back as a 2.1.4 version client by default. You can of course still modify the client version sent to the server (see "Version" option),
-minor modification into the possible levels of informations to log (see "LogMessLevel" option),
-display of the "Server Infos" window has been optimized (it's now a bit more reactive, while using less CPU resources),
-an option has been added when Hadu is used within the DVBViewer recording session. It's now possible to start the connection with the server(s) only if the channel is encrypted (see "DVBViewerEncrServ" option),
-support for the new CCCam commands introduced in CCCam version 2.2.0 or above (i.e. commands 0F for the node data, and commands 0C, 0D for the new CCCam "checks"). An option has been added to authorize or not the Node SID assignment/rejection feature present in commands 0F (see "UseNodeSID" option). The Node SID assignment/rejection feature will be activated by the server, only if Hadu is also declared as a CCCam client version 2.2.0 or above (see "Version" option). But, as there is a bug concerning the new CCCam "checks", declaring Hadu as CCCam client version 2.2.0 may conduct to an improper channel decoding (see the new workaround menu "Switch DCW Last Byte"),
-support for the OSCAM Partner handle, and its Node SID assignment/rejection feature (the Extended ECM Mode is also checked but currently not used). Several options have been added to authorize them or not (see "OSCAMPartner", "OSCAMExt" and "OSCAMSID" options). Furthermore, when activated these features are displayed at the bottom of the "Server Infos" window, as for the build of the OSCAM server,
-2 new features have been added: a list of ECM PIDs used (i.e. ECM PIDs cache; see "Hadu-Cache.txt" file), and a list of manual ECM PIDs (see "Hadu-Manual.txt" file). These features may be activated/deactivated directly from the main menu of Hadu (see "Cache" sub-menu, and "CacheUse", "CacheUpdate", "ManualUse" options),
-an new column (title "Opt") has been added in the list of the nodes into the "Server Infos" window (to display eventual additional infos concerning the nodes),
-all the log files (i.e. 'Hadu-Mes.log', 'Hadu-EMM.log', 'Hadu-PIDxxxx.log' and 'Hadu-Dump.txt') are now always put in the same directory as the plugin itself (no more in path indicated by "Keypath2", if this option is used). "Keypath2" is reserved for files possibly shared within several occurs of Hadu (like the files for the ECM PIDs used and the manual ECM PIDs),
-support for Nagra Tiger EMMs,
-TID and SID for the current channel are displayed into the "Monitor" window,
-an option has been added when providers/ChIDs used within CCCam messages are rejected by the server (see "DontUseProvFor" option),
-usual minor bug fixes and enhancements