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Mar 1, 2006
DHCP: Dynamic Host Control Protocol is a network service that automatically provides and configures IP addresses for clients on a network.

TFTP: Trivial File Transfer Protocol is a very basic form of file transfer protocol that has no capacity for error checking, or acknowledgment of arrival of data. First invented back in the 60's to serve config files and the like to network machines.

MAX232: Effectively a small transformer that takes signals from your PC and drops them down to a voltage suitable for communicating with mirco circuitry. The signal is stepped in the reverse direction so that the signals are pack at the PC's 12V. This enables your PC to communicate with the modem through the serial (RS232 Port), and access the modem through a terminal emulator such as Putty.

JTAG: Joint Test Action Group (developer of IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990) Is a cable that commonly connects to the parallel port of your PC (there are USB versions available, and they are much faster) and the JTAG points that are found in many electronic devices. Once connected the PC can communicate with the electronics through the JTAG cable to perform many different tasks. The one we are primarily interested in is writing our firmwares to the flash chip in the modem. JTAG is useful when there are no other means of accessing the modem, for instance if it's bricked. This is because you are accessing the modem's microprocessor directly, and writing to the flash, whereas if you do this by MAX232 you are communicating and interacting with the firmware running on the modem through it's menu system.

Bricked: As the name implies, when an electronic device is bricked, it is refered to this way as it has about the usefulness of said item.

Firmware: The software that runs your modem. A bit like windows running on your PC, but for your modem. It's what makes it work the way it does. There are many different firmwares, but my preference is Haxorware.

Serial Port: The 9 pin connector (5+4) on the back of your PC. Some of you may remember it as a joystick connector, like on old computer systems. Not all PC's have these, and you may need a USB > Serial Converter.

Parallel Port: More commonly used for printers before they went USB. This is where you put your JTAG Cable.

MAC Address: Media Access Controller address number is a hexadecimal number that is uniquely (ahem!) assigned to every networking device ever made in the world ever. It is how a networking device identifies itself to other networking devices. Kind of like a fingerprint. LOL.

IP Address: An Internet Protocol address must be assiged to a device on a network so that it have packets routed to and from it. Kind of like your telephone number, but for your PC, and it can change often.

NIC: Network Interface Card; your network card.

HFC: Hybrid Fiber Coax. This is the part of the cable modem that accepts the cable feed. And the MAC address of this device on the modem is probably something you will be interested in.

DOCSIS: Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Putty/Hyperterminal: Terminal emulation software that enables you to communicate with a broad range of electronic devices through a COM (Serial) port. These are what you use to communicate with your modems Serial port and your MAX232 adapter.

TSOP: Thin Small-Outline Package. This is the modems flash chip where the firmware is stored. Often removed on bricked Ambits, reflashed with a special device and replaced. For a video of this procedure check on YouTube.
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Jul 10, 2019
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Jul 10, 2019
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