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Super Moderator
Jan 7, 2008
new features:

Change Playback Rate
Favorites Filters in Pin Context Menu
Toolbar Button to disconnect all Filters
Export Current Graph for Remote Connection
Process ID in Program Title to identify different running instances
different Background Color if connected to Remote Graph
Interpret fourcc based media sub types
Select connection MediaType
Toolbar Buttons to switch between Connection Modes (Intelligent, Direct, Direct with MediaType selection)
Time execution of an arbitrary graph over several runs (TimeMeasure Filter is now useable for every Graph)
optional show GUID for known GUIDs
new known GUIDs and Interfaces from uuids.h, DXVA
Connect pins more quickly by allow dragging to a filter rather than a precise pin
On WinVista/7 use TaskDialog for error messages (+ search button to direct search for the error)
Code Cleanup / show more error messages

Tap and Hold on Touchscreen now opens the context menu
"Display as Filename" now works also for remote graphs