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Super Moderator
Jan 7, 2008

Software update TT-micro S855 HbbTV

For the digital receiver TT-micro S855 HbbTV from 10/18/2011 we offer a software update via satellite and via Internet download. Below you will find instructions for the software update via USB interface:

Instructions on updating the software of the digital receiver TT-micro S855 HbbTV via USB interface

First Step: Preparation PC

Requirements: PC with Internet connection on your PC, please create a temporary directory to temporarily store the update file. Example: Local Disk C: => Folder: = temp> folders: TTG

Second Step: Prepare USB Stick

Prerequisite: USB Memory Stick with at least 50 MB of free space. The stick must be formatted with Windows FAT file system. NTFS is not supported , please create on your USB stick following folders: folders: TTG => subfolders: TT-micro S855 HbbTV Please note the spaces and thereby necessarily case-sensitive.

Third Step: download software file on PC

Please click the right mouse button on the following download link and select "Save target as ..." and save the software version (file with extension zip. ) into the previously established temporary PC directory (eg c: \ temp \ TTG).

4th Step: unpacking the zip file

The zip file then unzip in this directory without creating a sub-folder.

5th Step: software file on USB stick

After downloading and unpacking please the software version (file with extension . tts copy) to the USB stick into the previously furnished Stick directory.

6th Step: Preparing digital receiver TT-micro S855 HbbTV

Please have the digital receiver to separate from the power supply.
stuck then the USB-stick with the software stored file on the back of the digital receiver into the USB port.
Only then connect the digital receiver back to the power supply and wait for the startup of the device.

7th Step: Perform Update

Perform in the digital receiver menu, follow these steps: Menu => Start Service Menu => Update via USB => Software Update => ok => Update Please be warned that is not during the current update process, the digital receiver is disconnected from the power supply! During the update process more information is displayed on the device display (eg, program no., boat, S855). This information is used for diagnostic purposes and can be ignored.

8th Step: Update check

. After the update of the digital receiver will reboot automatically performs . Please check after startup of the digital receiver, if the correct software version was loaded Menu => Services menu in framed window below shows the name of the current software version: V1 .02

Software reset

In exceptional cases and where serious problems with the new software version you can play it at any time over the previous version.
Please use only in this case the following download link: "Update_S855_V1.01.B84"
and follow the steps described above with This software version through.