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Recent content by predator*

  1. predator*

    stb pro emu

    here you are guys a free iptv emulator)s-
  2. predator*

    Good iptv list for uk sportsetc

  3. predator*

    uk and usa arabic and many others

    uk and usa iptv channel list +arabic any french spanish etc.tested and working 100 percent using vlc player)s-
  4. predator*

    called in to see all my old friends

    Hello to every one been a long time away from forum ,noticed forum name change but forum looks excellant.:gd;)
  5. predator*

    Info i am retiring

    Hello fellow admins i am retiring from the sat scene as i find that with my work and long hours i just have not got enough time to get on forum.i will never forget the last 7 years and will miss every one please remove my admin status and forum rights and make me a respected member i will pop in...
  6. predator*

    New uk based skybox f3 and all openbox s9,10,11,12 master pin code

    If you are using one of these recievers in the uk and have lost or forgotten your pin code enter this code. 3327 regards my friends)s-
  7. predator*

    New oscam set up from start to finish help needed in dm800

    i want help to set up oscam on a dm 800, this is for a free server for members over xmas. i will be offering sxy uk full with espn hd and full asian. any member who is willing to help must have teamviewer. free server is for forum members and my family aswell pm asap.
  8. predator*

    New oscam confg

    hello my friends i need your help to edit oscam to read sky uk card i want confg to run with ccam.any help appreciated pm me if you want regards
  9. predator*

    sky uk hd full with espn as local

    hello i have sky uk full hd with espn as local looking for geo if you have what i am looking for send me nline to test if there is no freezing issues. pm with nline my server is 24/7 with no freeze. happy sharing
  10. predator*

    my local sky uk full with view asia and zee

    my local is sky uk full with view asia and zee i need geo with ary qtv plus i have share on other hops pm if you have geo. regards
  11. predator*

    my absence

    My fellow team members sorry for my absence over the last few weeks ,as my workload as significantly wrose i am finding my self having to work long days and in most cases 7 day weeks.HOPEFULLY work pressure will reduce then i can be more active again,on my favourite forum.regards to all members...
  12. predator*

    Did latest gamma nova update work for you.

    please report success or failure regards my friends.
  13. predator*

    sky uk full with all asian and espn as local

    Deal of the decade,i have sky uk full with view asia,,zee,star,espn as local. i will exchange cline if you have racing uk its only one channel on sky uk platform,if you not got this then dont pm me as you will definately be ignored. i want exchange with no freeze on racing uk as you will be...
  14. predator*

    hassan syed

    our friend hassan syed seems to be upset with forum atm,i told him we all have bad days or times on forum and just put it behind you and carry on forward.so if his help or contribution on forum seems little for a short while at least we know the reason why regards and thanks:)
  15. predator*

    New european dedicated server for test clines

    PM for test cline 24 hours only.if you like we can give premium membership after.